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News for 12/16/05

In a little over a week, this website has gotten over 21,000 hits and I’ve received almost 300 emails from you – wow
It’s still tough to really express how moved I am by your impassioned messages of support, which have literally been coming from all over the world. Whether you listened to me on WDET for all of my 22 years there or just discovered me during my last few months on the air, I thank one and all for listening and for your incredible financial support during the fund drives. It’s important for you to know that my program was one of the top fundraising shows at the station, matching and often surpassing Morning Edition and All Things Considered. In fact, my last show during this October’s fund drive raised over $30,000 – an all-time record for the program. Talk about going out on top
Gotta give big time thanks to those who have hired me for DJ work – I really enjoy playing music where I can actually see the audience, unlike radio Keep me in mind for work at your club or your next private party – you won’t be disappointed.
Many of you have asked if I’ll get on another public station, turn to a commercial venue or even jump to satellite radio. Well, it’s no big secret for me to tell you that I am pursuing all these avenues with the hope that somebody out there will like me and hire me. I encourage you to write/call/email whatever outlet you feel would be a good home for yours truly (whether it’s XM, Sirius, WXPN, WXRT, WRCJ, WCSX, WRIF, etc.) and tell management to hire me. People have the power, as Patti Smith once sang…
Keep the faith – Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

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