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News for 04/25/07

Hello Everybody.

I’ve already hosted 3 Studio A2 on the Road performances at the downtown Ann Arbor Borders in April, with Jonatha Brooke, Martin Sexton and Matt Wertz all drawing big crowds and putting on terrific performances.

We have our 4th and final Studio A2 of the month, and it should also be astounding, as the incomparable singer-songwriter Patty Griffin will play a free, live set at Borders on Thursday, April 26 at 12:30pm.

You’ll be part of the filming of the event for the Borders Live at 01 online webstream, so look pretty! Of course, we’ll be broadcasting Patty’s set live on Ann Arbor’s 107one in case you can’t be there in person.

The Stooges triumphant show at the Fox Theatre April 13 was as beautifully ballistic and out of control as their reunion concert at DTE a few years ago. It took a shirtless Iggy all of three songs before he was diving into the audience! A relentless whirling dervish of primal energy, it is truly hard to believe this man is 60 this month!

Everyone else in the band was in fine form as well, with Scott Asheton pounding out monolithic grooves on those sparkling silver Gretsch drums, his brother Ron holding the fort with slashing guitar riffs, Steve McKay giving the proceedings a bit of an R&B edge with his saxophone work, and new Stooge Mike Watt providing solid groundwork with his propulsive bass playing.

I was simply too whipped from the Iggy and company experience to see Lucinda Williams April 15 at the Michigan Theater in A2, but will be heading off to the Elvis Costello show at the State on May 11.

Currently listening to and playing new music by Bebel Gilberto, Cowboy Junkies, Wilco, Patti Smith and Mavis Staples.



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