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News for 09/21/09

Hi Everybody.

Got back to work at Ann Arbor’s 107one this morning after my usual post-Labor Day jaunt to the Toronto International Film Festival, commonly known these days as TIFF.

Highlights were plentiful, and no film hit me harder in the gut than Michael Moore’s extraordinary new documentary “Capitalism: A Love Story.”

For all of us Michiganders just trying to hang onto our jobs, our houses and our dignity, Moore’s look at the systematic destruction of the middle class at the hands of the obscenely rich and powerful was pungent, emotional stuff. This one’s easily as powerful as “Roger and Me,” in fact I think it ranks as his best film to date.

Also making a strong impression was “An Education,” scripted by Nick Hornby of “High Fidelity” fame and featuring a breakthrough performance by the young actress Carey Mulligan. “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee” also featured an unforgettable performance by an actress, this one from veteran Robin Wright Penn.

Nicolas Cage is utterly sensational as a out of control, drug-addicted cop in Werner Herzong’s “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans,” an extremely loose re-make of Abel Ferrara’s “Bad Lieutenant” film from several years back.

Also enjoyable was the free, outdoor screening of Jonathan Demme’s “Neil Young Trunk Show,” capturing Neil and his band live in concert from 2007.

Please join me at the downtown Ann Arbor Borders store on Liberty St. as I’ll emcee upcoming performances and CD signings by Brandi Carlile (Monday, 9/28), Howie Day (Friday, Oct. 9), Mike Doughty (Wednesday, Oct. 14) and Ingrid Michaelson (Wednesday, Oct. 28. All start at 12:30pm, with the exception of Mike Doughty’s, which will begin at 1pm.

Love those Beatles box sets, along with the new albums by Mark Knopfler and Chris Smither. Will be featuring these and other new releases throughout the fall on my Fine Tuning show, Sundays at 4pm on 107one.

God bless you Ernie Harwell.



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